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our life | halloween 2015

Halloween.  The wonderful time of year where you are forced, err I mean joyfully blessed, to dress up your children in costumes.

The first year, we sort of cheated.  Copeland was only six months old and Target had these onesie zipper outfits that could easily double as a quick costume.

Superman Infant Costume |

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no it’s SUPER COPELAND!

No work and an easy $20 later…  this blue-eyed boy was set for his first Halloween.

Superman Infant Costume |

Those eyes though… swoon.

We even lucked out that my parents had been watching him for a couple of days, and so they took him to his first Fall Festival where we picked him up.  He had a great time loving on his grandparents and we didn’t have to do any work!  Win, Win! =)

Superman Infant Costume |

Fall Festival 2013

The second year, we doubled the size of our family and suddenly we had TWO costumes to prepare.  Going from one to two meant that if we were to purchase two already made costumes, we would be spending twice as much as the previous year (at least!) which immediately made the easy option less appealing.

That meant that this momma would be doing her first DIY costumes.  Eisley was barely a month old at the time, but we had an idea to play on siblings and ran with it.

Luke & Leia Halloween Costume |

Meet Luke & Leia

Aren’t they just cutie pies?!  This was our take on the Star Wars siblings, Luke and Leia.

Luke & Leia Halloween Costume |

Y’all, that smile! He LOVED his lightsaber.

We were blessed once again to be with family for Halloween. This time we were with Jonathan’s brother, Michael, and his wife, Lindsey.  Their sweet baby boy was born just five short weeks before Eisley so we were able to enjoy both babies’ FIRST Halloween’s together.  Special memories!

Luke & Leia Halloween Costume |

Fall Fest 2014

This year, I actually started thinking about Halloween at the end of summer.  I looked at many blogs with matching kids costumes and saw where one mom dressed up her two children as milk and cookies.  I knew immediately that we had found our costumes for this year.

Milk and Cookies Siblings Halloween Costume |

Halloween 2015

There is quite possibly nothing our little boy loves more than milk and cookies.  It was perfect.

Milk and Cookies Siblings Halloween Costume |

Copeland was convinced he was a robot, not milk. By the end of the night we had compromised on “Milk Robot.” =)

His costume was super easy y’all.  I used an old diaper box, an empty paper towel roll, red/white/blue felt, white ribbon, and lots of hot glue!

Milk and Cookies Siblings Halloween Costume |

Those curls! We can barely handle the cute factor on those things.

And here is our, sweet as a chocolate-chip-cookie, girl.

For her costume, I branched into the sewing world for the FIRST TIME EVER.  No lie, first time ever.  I am still not sure how to start or stop a stitch, or what a real stitch looks like.  But somehow, I managed to throw this thing together in less than an hour. I used about a quarter yard of tan felt.  Found something in my house to use for a circle template and cut out four large circles.  Sewed two of those bad boys together at a time, flipped it inside out, stuffed it, and voila!  Cookies!  Then, I cut out circles from dark brown felt and hot glued them on as well.  The final step was gluing on the straps, and I was D-O-N-E!

Milk and Cookies Siblings Halloween Costume |

Milk and Cookies

I was surprised at how easily everything came together, and even more surprised that their costumes actually turned out like I had pictured them in my head.  Phew!  I got lucky.  😉

Milk and Cookies Siblings Halloween Costume |

Our Family – Halloween 2015

We had made plans to attend a local church’s Fall Festival this year since we wouldn’t be visiting family.  We thought we would be going alone, but in the days prior, and even hours prior, plans fell into place for our friends to join us!  Even Jonathan’s sister was able to come (even though we only phoned her about it the hour before we were to leave!).  She quickly threw together a Cookie Monster Costume that was the perfect addition to our Milk and Cookies.

Milk and Cookies Siblings Halloween Costume |

Halloween Fun with Friends!

The night was rainy and cold and the indoor festival we thought we were attending ended up being outdoors.  After standing in the cold/light rain for far too long, we eventually decided to  come back to our house for some fun and pictures.  The spontaneity made for great memories in the end.

Milk and Cookies Siblings Halloween Costume |

…and seriously.  I don’t think this crew could have been any cuter.  =)